How to Write Clever & Funny Web Content

One great way to leave a strong first impression on website visitors is to make them smile. If they go on your website and are impressed with your clever and witty content, you already have them listening.

Clever content gets more shares, likes and traffic. But how do you create it? Well, it turns out you can do it without even trying. In fact, if one tries to be clever, it usually doesn’t work. You must un-try! You can’t fake witty, but if you can create something truthful and authentic, then you have the power to attract and entertain. Another thing to remember is that funny and clever content needs to stay short – short statements, short videos, short captions on photos – if you drag on too long you lose your audience.

Important! Writing funny content for your website doesn’t mean that you need to fill up your Bio or Description page with jokes. Online platforms allow you to be clever in more subtle ways, like playing with the text on your navigation menu or adding a witty tagline to your site header.

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